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because he didn't really know if he liked the nickname of Rpattz so he Jokingly gave himself the nickname of Spunk Ransom and now it just caught on.

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He said R-Pattz sounded like an antacid so he made himself a new one.

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Because he hated his real name and decided to make a nick name for himself nothing to do with his name but his pearsonality =] =P =D !!........... x x x x

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Q: Why is Robert pattinsons nickname spunk ransom?
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What is Robert Pattinsons favorite name?

Spunk Ransom

What nickname did Robert Pattinson give himself?

Spunk Ransom

What is Robert Pattinsons favorite quote?

"I DUNNO" he say's that in a lot of the interviews he does. he said that 8 times in a row in one of the interviews.

Who is R-Pattz?

R-Pattz is Robert Pattinsons nickname he actually wants it to be spunk ramsome but we wont let him change it:)

What is rob pattisons middle name?

RObert pattinsons middle name is Thomas he hates his name he wants to change it to spunk ransom oh well robs fine "we love you rob"

What did Robert Pattinson want his name to be?

Spunk Ransom ;P

What is Robert Pattinsons stage name?

Bobby Dupea is his stage name as a musician! xxx

What is Robert Pattinson's nick name?

I no this because it tells you in the Robert pattinson 2010 annual. He has 3 1) Rob 2) R Pattz 3) Patty

Who is spunk ransom?

Robert Thomas Pattinson was born on May 13th 1986 wanted the name Ransom Spunk so crazed fans (probably like you) changed it to Spunk Ransom. You got this answer from a almost 11 year old. Beat that. I also have his address. It is: c/o Endeavor Agency Stephanie Ritz 9601 Wilshire Blvd 3rd Floor Beverly Hills, CA 90210. And you can find the cast of New Moon in Vancouver Canada. That's all I'll say about New Moon. Edward leaves in New Moon by the way if you haven't read New Moon. Robert Pattinson is a Taurus as in horoscopes. Check out for awsome twilight extras. For more info on "Spunk Ransom" Google him

Meaning of Spunk ramsom?

Spunk ransom doesn't have a meaning. When Robert Pattinson was in an interview with MTV, they asked him what he thought about his fa-given nick-name, R-Pattz. He said he would rather be called something else like Spunk Ransom, but then decided that that sounded too weird.

What are Robert Pattinson's three nicknames?

1. Spunk ransom 2. rob 3. rpattz 4. patty 5. robby

Why doesn't Robert Pattinson like the nickname R Pattz?

He likes to have the name "Spunk Ransom". He hates his name - Robert Pattinson. Especially "RPattz". He really wishes people could invent a new one. He likes to be called Spunk Ransom.I swear that's real. Because the Seventeenmagazine interviewed him [I have that issue!(November 2009)]. And luckily Seventeen got to know all the things about him!