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Because back in the 20th century Mr. Krabs met a fine lady named Pearlina. (Pearlina was an octopus) He and Pearlina loved each other deeply. Soon he took Pearlina's hand in marriage, and they got married on the island above bikini bottom. After their marriage they went into a hotel room, listening to the most romantic song in the world call Baby by Justin Beiber, I believe that they were in the mood for something special, such as have sex. Mr. Krabs was so exited he forgot to where a condom. Bad thinking Mr. Krabs because you just Pearlina knocked up. With the Weird combination of octopus and crab, they made a whale child. Strange but completely true. 8 1/2 months later they gave birth to a fat butt whale, named Pearl, then there was a tragic moment in their new lives. Pearlina has a horrible accident. On her way to the bathroom Pearlina didn't notice there was a big puddle of pea with poop in it. She had to go so bad so ran as fast as ever, then she accidentally slipped on the poop and pea and fell into a fire pit... Bye Pearlina. Mr. Krabs and Pearl lived a normal life in bikini bottom with no mom, ever, ever, ever...... then Mr. Krabs got another girl knocked up, but he ran and went back to Pearl keeping this from everyone.

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Really, there hasn't ever been an explanation for this in the show (mainly due to the fact that SpongeBob SquarePants is a kids' show).

Though, we can guess that Mr. Krabs adopted Pearl, but the show will never say.

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Q: Why is Mr. Krabs' daughter Pearl a whale?
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Who is the whale from SpongeBob?

Pearl, Mr. Krabs's daughter.

How did mister krabs from SpongeBob get a whale as a daughter?

he didn't cause Mr. krabs is a he, so pearls mom gave birth to a whale because she was a whale.

What is King Neptune's daughter's name from SpongeBob SquarePants?

Mr. Krab's daughter's name is Pearl. Pearl is a whale, and she destroys things often because of her weight and size. When Pearl is mad or sad, she is deadly to many people because she is much bigger and heavier than them. Everyone tries to run away when Pearl is about to cry because her teardrops are about as heavy and as big as the fish, krab, sponge, squid, starfish, etc. themself.

Who are the characters of sponebob?

The characters of SPONGEBOB are: Spongebob Patrick Mr. Krabs (spelled with a k) Sandy Squidward Pearl (Mr. Krabs's daughter) Plankton

How is it mr crabs has a whale for a daughter in spongebob?

It is unknown, since Mrs. Krabs is never shown.Gay Pride!

What species is pearl from SpongeBob SquarePants?

Pearl from Spongebob Squarepants is a sperm whale. She is also part crab since Mr. Krabs is her father.

In the SpongeBob SquarePants show What type of animal is Pearl Mr Crab's daughter?

Pearl is a whale

Where does crabby live on sponge bob?

there is no crabby in Spongebob Squarepants but if you are referring to Mr. Krabs he lives under the ocean in the bikini bottom and in an anchor with his daughter pearl P.S His name is Eugene Krabs

How is peal Mr Krab's daughter?

Mr Krabs probably adopted her.

Who is pearls mother in SpongeBob?

Lori Alan (born July 18, 1966), sometimes credited as Lori Allen, is an American voice actress who provides the voice of news anchor Diane Simmons on Family Guy, various voices on Hey Arnold!, andSpongeBob SquarePants as Pearl.

Where is Mister Krabs?

Mr.Krabs lives in a black anchor and his address is 3541 anchor way-BRIAN

What pearl krabs likes to do?

She likes to Cheer lead and shop with her friends. She thinks it is so not Coral when her dad (Mr. Krabs) says Coral.