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Hailey Jade's last name is Scott because when eminem divorced Kim she got full custody of Hailey and changed her name

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Q: Why is Haillie Jade's last name Scott not Mathers?
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What is Hailie Jades last name?

its mathers, since eminem has full custody

What is Eminem's daughters last name?

Hailie Jade Scott Mathers is her full name.

What is Eminem last name?

Mathers. His full name is Marshall Bruce Mathers III.

Are there any current pictures of Hailie Mathers?

of course there are. she's a human. they're just not available for public. dont be creepy. would you want people on the internet asking for pictures of you? And this category is redundant. Hailie isn't famous, her father is. And her last name (ISNT!) mathers. it's Scott.

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What do eminems daughters have the last name Scott?

He has three daughters-Hailie his biological daughter, Whitney his ex-wifes daughter with another man but he adopted her, and Alaina or Laney and she is his ex-wifes twin sisters kid.

What is eminem's real last name?

Eminem's Real last name is Marshall Mathers the 3rd

What is eminem first and last name?

Marshall Bruce Mathers III

What is Eminem's real first and last name?

Marshall Bruce Mathers III (The Third).

Your fathers name is Bruce Mathers could you be related to Marshall Bruce Mathers?

With the same last name it's possible, but you could be related to people who don't share a last name with you. I guess the only way to truly know is through DNA testing.

What is eminem's real first middle and last name?

marshall Bruce mathers is eminems real name