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~Celtic Thunder is actually a lot more popular than you think. Its just that not a lot of teens and young adults listen to them. Its more in the range of older adults. Most young people have no idea who Celtic Thunder is. They're more popular with people who are in the late 30's. :)~

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Q: Why is Celtic Thunder not popular?
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Are Celtic thunder lipsyncing on it's entertainment?

Celtic Thunder does not lip sync! Only the woman in Celtic Thunder occasionally do this.

What is the name of the Celtic god of thunder?

Taranis is the Celtic god of Thunder.

Who is Angie from Celtic Thunder?

Assitant production manager from Celtic thunder Angela Holloran

How do you say you love Celtic Thunder in Irish?

Tá dúil mhór agam i Celtic Thunder.

Is Paul Byrom from Celtic Thunder cute?

Very cute! All the Celtic Thunder lads are cute!

When did damian mcginty start Celtic thunder?

Damian McGinty, Keith Harkin, Ryan Kelly and Paul Byrom are all from Ireland and George Donaldson is from Scotland. Auditions were held initially when Celtic Thunder was formed and the cream of the crop turned out to be the original Celtic Thunder. When Paul Byrom decided to retire from Celtic Thunder auditions were held again and Emmet Cahill was added to the group from the 2nd round of auditions.

Are the two bands Celtic Thunder circa 1988 and Celtic Thunder 2007 related?

No, they area completely different groups.

Are any members of Celtic Thunder gay?

None of the members of Celtic thunder are gay!! i don't see why you would think that

Is Paul Byrom still with Celtic Thunder?

Unfortunately, as of November 26, Sharon Brown announced that, after Celtic Thunder's Christmas Tour, Paul will be moving to the USA to work on his solo career. He has resigned from the Celtic Thunder show.

When did thunder start?

Celtic Thunder had their first performance in August of 2007

Is Keith harkin of Celtic thunder going to appear in the fall 2012 tour?

As far as I know, NOO! He is not planning to leave Celtic Thunder at all and enjoys it.

What movie and television projects has Keith Harkin been in?

Keith Harkin has: Played Mayor in "Lost: Black Earth" in 2004. Played himself in "Celtic Thunder: The Show" in 2008. Played himself in "Celtic Thunder: Take Me Home" in 2009. Played himself in "Celtic Thunder: Heritage" in 2011. Played The Highwayman in "Celtic Thunder: Storm" in 2011.