Why is Birdman so ugly?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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birdman is not uglyhe is so hot

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Q: Why is Birdman so ugly?
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Is birdman ll Wayne's dad?

No,Birdman just took care of Lil Wayne his whole life basically every since Lil Wayne was 9 yrs old Birdman was taking care of him So Lil Wayne calls Birdman his dad/father.

Is birdman lil waynes step dad?

no birdman adopted lil Wayne when his dad died at 14 and Baby took care of him

Who is the richest addo kuffour and birdman?

Birdman earns 100 million dollars every month, and addo kuffour makes less than that a month. So birdman is richer than Addo Kuffour.

Who is richer between dangote and birdman?

Who richer btw birdman and dangote

Why is birdman so mean?

he isn't that's how gangsta act

Is birdman a crip?

yes birdman is a blood

Is BIRDMAN Lil Wayne real daddy?

no because Birdman ain't even 10 years older than Lil Wayne. so that's not possible

Is Birdman Lil Wayne?

No but birdman raised him at the age 14 and he likes to refer to himself as birdman jr

Who is the Rich birdman vs 50 cent?


Is Chris Brown Birdman?

No. Birdman is a different rapper.

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nobody is ugly

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