Why is Area 51 so top secret?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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because they are hiding stuff not neccesarily aliens but they definetely are hiding something from the public eye

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Maybe because it’s where the government goes when there’s something bad happening like a zombie apocalypse (not scientifically proven it will happen, yet) or a tsunami or a volcano, or really bad tornado, etc

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Q: Why is Area 51 so top secret?
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Is blacksite Area 51 safe?

It's not open to outsiders and contents are top secret so no one can attest to relative safety of any individual trespassing.

Why do the US Senate not question Obama on what he knows about Area 51?

The US Senate provides the funding for the top secret military operations in 'Area 51', so they know that it is the US Air Force testing area for new, advanced military aircraft. The Senate knows it; Obama knows it; I know it and so do the majority of Americans.

What is so secret about area 51?

Area 51 is secret because supposedly there is extraterrestrial life being experimented on there, which is highly unbelievable because Drake's equation on average says that there are approximately 2.81 extraterrestrial civilizations in the universe. However, this is being recalculated by many astrophysists and astrophilosophists like Stephen hawking.

Why is area 51 the only place where people see ufos?

People say that area 51 is a secret base. We are not allowed to see anything inside at all. They say they have UFO's, and we're not suppose to know. So maybe that's why there has been a lot of activity in that area. But then the government says it's just their aircraft.

What are some theories of what is in Area 51?

I worked there for 10 years, it is where the military developes their most secret technology so it is away from prying eyes. Not a single alien sighting in all that time.

Is Area 51 a military weapon test area?

i think so but there is no proof for it

Are aliens real and do they visit us and are they locked up in a so called Area 51?

Some people claim to have seen them and even to have been abducted by them but as of this time there is no firm evidence that they exist. Having said that, I personally believe aliens do exist. I don't know if they have visited earth yet. As for area 51 that place is so top secret that even the people working there don't know everything that goes on there. If you are really interested in aliens you shoud check out the history channel. They often have ufo/alien research programs on.

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