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it s a bad and naughty serial the parents complained about it so its not shown on hungama tv

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There were too many complaints about the show being too dark. Detective Conan has a substantial amount of blood and violence.

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Q: Why hungama TV is not showing shinchan?
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Where can you watch shinchan episodes in Tamil?

In Hungama TV, weekdays at 5:30 pm............

How do you watch hungama tv live online?

it can not possible because i gone all the sites and these are fake but you can see the updated episodes of doraemon and shinchan in this site and it updates to monday to friday

When was Hungama TV created?

Hungama TV was created in 2004.

Do you know shinchan?

The TV Show?

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How old is shinchan?

shinchan is 6 years old

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Who discovered Shinchan the cartoon?

Shinchan first aired on television on April 13,1992, and has been on several television networks worldwide since then. The series was originally directed by Mitsuru Hongo, and the series also originated as manga, which was written by Yoshito Usui.

What is the name of Pokemon season starting on hungama tv on 19th may 2014?

Pokemon Indigo League (Starts 19th May at 1pm)

Where you watch doremon cartoon in Hindi?

You Can Watch Doraemon In HindiOn Channels like1)Hungama (Avaliable On All TV Sets)2)Disney (Avaliable On All TV Sets)

What is the meaning of name shinchan?

The name "Shinchan" is a combination of the Japanese words "Shin" which means new or genuine, and "Chan" which is an honorific suffix often used in Japanese to show endearment. Together, "Shinchan" can be interpreted as "New Precious One" or "Beloved New One."

What is the duration of Hungama?

The duration of Hungama is 2.55 hours.