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The house of representatives meet more often, thus special sessions are less often to happen.

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Q: Why has special sessions lost their importance?
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Why have is special sessions lost their importance?

Only the president can call congress into special session. Only 26 special sessions have been held,the last one was in 1948. The president can call congress or each of its houses. The senate has been called into special session 46 occasions last was 1933.

Why have Special Session lost their importance?

Because of the presidents power to call a special session

Why is Congress rarely called in to Special Sessions today?

Congress meets nearly year-round and it lessens the importance of presiden'ts power

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What are the extra sessions of the general assembly called?

The extra sessions of the general assembly just like at the federal level are called "special sessions".

What is special sessions?

A special session is a period when the body convenes outside of the normal legislative session.An extraordinary or special session refers to a period when legislators convene outside the usual legislative sessions.

Special sessions of the legislature can only be called by the?

a special session of the legislature can only be called for by the

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