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The reason radio has survived all these years, despite the enormous appeal of television is because there is a need for the radio. Radio is mostly listened to in the car, where you don't need to focus on what is happening on the screen.

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Stan Freberg explained it best, more than 30 years ago:

Because on radio, you can have the whole Royal Canadian Air Force tow a twenty-ton

cherry into position and then drop it into Lake Michigan which has been drained and

filled with Hot Chocolate for the occasion, to the amazement of the crowd of 30,000

cheering Americans lining the shore of the lake. But you can't do that on television.

Television takes you into a world that's as big as your TV screen. But radio takes you

into a world that's as big as your imagination, where you find everything that you ...

nobody else ... most love, hate, fear, and wish for.

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Q: Why has radio survived despite television's enormous appeal?
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