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Either she got sacked or she got bored

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Q: Why has gemma shepherd left heart radio?
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Where is the radio tower in heart gold?

In Johto the radio tower is in goldenrod near the top to the left near the game corner place , and in Kanto the radio tower is in lavender town

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she's already left

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Where is the GEM on a 99 Ford Explorer located?

It is located in the dash left of the radio, pull the radio facing off the main radio out and directly to the left.

Where is the Bose amplifier for a 1991 fleetwood?

behind your left vent on the left side of the radio you will feel it when radio is removed.

What is the location of heart in the body?

The heart is just a little to the left (your left) of the center of your chest.

Which chamber or the heart does the aorta attach to?

left ventricle

What side of the body does the bulk of the heart rests?

The bulk of the heart rests on the Left side of this heart.

Why does the left lower chamber of the heart manifest the stronger heart beat?

The lower left chamber of the heart is called the left ventricle. It is thick and muscular hence manifests a stronger heart beat.

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The heart is composed of the Right Atrium and Right Ventricle (collectively known as the Right Heart) and the Left Atrium and Left Ventricle (colelctively known as the Left Heart).

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Your heart is located on the left.

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the left side of heart is thick walled.