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The reason there's a change is because of different voice-actors : Diego Marquez (voiced by Jake T. Austin Seasons 1-3 ; Matt Hunter Seasons 4-5) .

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Q: Why has Diego's voice changed on go Diego go?
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Who does voices on go Diego go?

Diego Marquez is voiced by Matthew Hunter, since Jake T. Austin's voice changed.

Who does Jake t Austin play on go Diego go?

On "Go Diego Go" Jake T Austin is the voice of diego

Who the talker of go Diego go?

Jake T. Austin, who plays Max in Wizards of Waverly Place, does the voice of Diego on Go Diego Go,

Who does the voice for Diego?

Jake T Austin who currently stars as Max Russo, the youngest of three wizards in The wizards of Waverly place does the voice of Diego in Go Diego go.

Is Jake T Austin deigo from go deigo go?

Jake T. Austin is the voice of Diego in "Go Diego Go"

Does Jake T Austin do the voice of Diego in go Diego go?

Yes, he has since he was nine years old. You can look up more about him by researching Go, Diego, Go on Google.

Is jake t austin on go diego go?

yeah he its just his voice

What is the person who plays go Diego go voice?

Jake t. Austin

Was go Diego go cancelled?

I believe so, IMDB states that it was released from 2005-2008. Jake T. Austin who is the voice of Diego can obviously no longer accept the job. His voice has changed drastically in the last couple of years.

Who is the voice of Alicia on go diego go?

Alicia, (Diego's older sister in the NickJr. childen's TV progam "Go, Diego, Go!") is voiced by Serena Kerrigan.

Who does the voice of Diego from go Diego go?

Jake T. Austin, he has done it since the age of 9.he also plays the youngestbrother in Wizards Of Waverly Place

Who plays deigos voice?

Jake T Austin is the child actor who voices Diego in go Diego go, he also plays Max Russo in wizards of Waverly place.