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Because they bloody annoying!

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Q: Why girl cover her mouth when they cry?
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The girl you like tells you leave her alone then she wants you as a friend what do you do?

Cover her mouth. If she doesn't say no it's not a crime. Cover her mouth. If she doesn't say no it's not a crime.

If you hump a girl and she's sick will you get sick?

if your physically having it with her.LOL she betta cover her mouth

Does your mouth water when you cry?

or when your eyes tear

Why cover mouth and nose in infants during CPR?

Yes you should cover the infants mouth and nose with your mouth when performing CPR on an infant.

How do you get a newborn baby girl to cry?

steel her from her mom's room and she will cry

Can a girl cry without her eyes?

No, because she cries with them, but she can cry in her heart though!!

What means a dogs cry and an outer cover?


How do mice react to slipknot?

Cover their ears and cry.

How do you baby girl Christian to cry?

you have to pinch her and she will start to cry or if you close the door in a room with the lights off and she will cry

What do you do when you are about to sneeze?

Cover my mouth.

How do you get a baby girl mia to cry?

You can get a baby girl Mia to cry by waking her up or annoying her. Many babies do not like their feet touched, if you touch her toes then she may begin to cry.

How do you make a sentence with the word cover?

Please cover your mouth