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I guess they were wrong. No offense but there is a such thing as a dumb question. The assumption that two powerful women of God who preach with boldness and the anointing of God should somehow be 'best friends' in ministry because they are both caucasian is simply foolish. I can only equate this to one assuming that all blacks get along, all asians get along, etc.

Furthermore, Have either parties ever been quoted in saying that they don't get along with the other? Or are you simply assuming that because they don't minister on the same platform, they must not like each other?

Let me just bounce an idea off the wall. How about we pray, fast, seek, consecrate, and separate. I do not mean to sound crass, and I apologize if that is the appearance. However, drawing men to Christ would be a lot easier if 'The Body' would stop allowing the enemy to use them to plant seeds of divisiveness in the church.

I simply pray and agree that 'HE who began a good work in the Ministries of Paula White and Pastor Sheryl Brady would be faithful to complete it.'

God bless!

This answer is good but there is really nothing wrong with knowing, i think it is a really good question. I'm certain they know of each other because they are widely sought after speakers, and i think they were under Bishop Jakes's ministry. The question that i guess remains is why you don't see them communicate but that could be for a number of reasons. I just wish that all ministers would get along and fellowship together it's too much division in the church as it is. So if sheryl brady or paula white or any other minister reads this, learn how to work together were all preaching the same gospel.

As far as I know Pastor Brady preaches when asked at WWIC. How do I know? I go to WWIC... And as far as I know they get along. Not sure where this came from.

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Q: Why don't Pastor Paula White and Pastor Sheryl Brady get along?
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