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Kevin plays lead guitar in the Jonas brothers and Joe prefers to sing. Nick was originally supposed to sing lead for the band but was back doored by Joe.

Nick of course is a big enough person not to care because well he is cuter nicer and way more talented then Joe

Nick can play over 7 instruments while Joe just barely know how to play guitar

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because he wanted to be like Elvis costello

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Q: Why doesn't Joe Jonas play lead guitar?
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What does Nick Jonas do in the band?

Lead vocals,drums,guitar, and piano (He can also play bass,but he doesnt for the band.)

What instument does Joe Jonas play?

Joe Jonas is the lead singer of the Jonas Brothers.He sings, plays tambourine, guitar, and piano a little...

Does Joe Jonas Play Keyboard Guitar Tamborine and Lead Vocals?

Yes, he does! But he doesn't normally play guitar at concerts, though. And he also shares lead vocals with his brother, Nick.

Does Kevin Jonas play any instruments for the band?

Keven Jonas plays the lead guitar (usually a Gibson Les Paul) for the Jonas Brothers

What instrument can Kevin Jonas play?

guitar, mandolin, vocalsVocals, guitar, mandolin

What instruments do the Jonas brothers play?

1. Joe: Lead Vocals, Tambourine, Keyboards Also Played: Guitar in "Gotta Find You" and "A Little Bit Longer" 2. Nick: Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Piano/Keyboards, Drums Also Played: Piano in "When You Look Me In The Eyes" and "A Little Bit Longer", Drums in "Australia" 3. Kevin: Backing Vocals, Lead Guitar

What instrurments does Joe Jonas play?

Joe Jonas can play the guitar, piano and the tamborine.

What instruments does Nick Jonas play?

Nick plays guitar, drums, piano/keyboard. But in the album Ls, Vs & TTs, he played the glockenspiel(mallet percussion). He does vocals too. He doesn't lead guitar, but does the rhythmic guitar.He used to play football before he was famous

How many Jonas Brothers can play the piano and guitar?

Nicholas Jerry "Nick" Jonas can play the piano. Joseph Adam "Joe and Nicholas Jerry "Nick" Jonas can play the guitar. ^^ There wrong. All of them can play guitar, and Joes the only one who can't play the piano.. or wishes not to.

What instument do the jonas brothers play?


Who taught Nick Jonas to play guitar?

his father. Kevin Jonas sr.

Why did Nick Jonas play the guitar?

because he wanted to!