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Edward looks different because Robert got a haircut.

Esme looks different because Elizabeth got a haircut.

Alice looks different because Ashley cut her real hair to the short pixie cut.

Emmett looks about the same.

Carlisle and Rosalie got new wigs.

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Q: Why does the cullens and hales look different in new moon from the first movie twilight?
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Who is the youngest out of the Cullens and hales in twilight?

Jasper Hale

In twilight is all the cullens and hales in the same classes?


In twilight were all the cullens hales adopted?

yes they where

Does any of the Cullen or hales have any special needs in the movie twilight out of the family of the cullens and hales?


Do the cullens and hales get straight A's in the movie twilight?


Is the oldest in the movie twilight of the Cullens and hales Emmett Cullen?

no! carlisle is.

Do the cullens and hales all get straight A's in the movie twilight?


Did any of the cullens or hales in twilight have any siblings before they were adopted?


All the Cullens and hales always get along with each other and Bella always get along with the Cullens and hales right?

While the Cullens and Hales generally have a close bond as a family, they do have disagreements and conflicts like any other family. Bella does get along with the Cullens and Hales for the most part, but there are moments of tension and misunderstandings throughout the Twilight series.

Was Rosalie hales lastname carol before she was adopted to the cullens and hales?

No. In Stephenie Meyer's early drafts of Twilight, Rosalie's first name was originally going to be Carol, but she changed it before it was finalized.

Does Bella plan to get like the cullens hales in twilight?

YES. She wants to be like them acouple chapters after she finds out about what they are

What grades do the cullens and hales in twilight get?

A's of course ! They have been alive for hundreds of yrs