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Sauron needs the one ring because it is his life. He and the ring are bound to one another. Sauron really did die, but since the ring was not destroyed his spirit remained in Middle Earth. If the ring was destroyed, then Sauron would finally die.


It's really a very simple answer:

Sauron is made up of a life force, which before the ring was made, put him at 100% life force. He then decided "Hey, I can put some of this life force into a ring, and then twist it so that I have awesome super powers." So he did. Before you know it, he's going house on people and teaching them what's what.

Then Isildur grabbed up the sword of his fallen father, Narsil, and was like "Not on my watch" and wrecked him, taking the ring for himself. Sauron was basically like "oh crap" because like 99% of his life essence just got taken away from him and he basically only has enough to command his troops and manifest as a fiery eye. Even that, however, is tenuous, for it is only doable because out there, somewhere, the rest of his life essence lives on in the form of this super-powered ring.

So, if that ring is destroyed, he loses the ability to manifest at all. Thus being destroyed.

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Sauron did not "have" to forge the One Ring of Power. It was rather a gambit, a strategy he chose to employ to defeat his enemies. Sauron did not believe himself powerful enough to take on the powers of Middle Earth - that is the elven, human, and dwarvish kingdoms - so instead he sought to corrupt their leadership. Sauron, disguising himself in a pleasant form and pretending to be a benign entity spreading knowledge, taught elven smiths to forge the lesser rings of power and these were then freely gifted to the great kings of Middle Earth. However, the power of these rings was somehow designed such that they could be subordinated to the ruling One Ring which he forged in secret. Through the One Ring Sauron would be able to perceive, corrupt, and ultimately control any who wore the lesser rings. Unfortunately for Sauron, the only way he could make the One Ring powerful enough to rule over the lesser rings and those who wore them was to pour some of his own spirit into the ring.

Ultimately, the scheme met with mixed results. At the moment the One Ring was forged and Sauron put it on, the elven ringbearers are reported to have understood his true nature and removed their rings. Dwarves and men appear to be less perceptive and continued using their rings, presumably becoming addicted to the power the rings granted them and corrupted by Sauron's influence upon them. The dwarven ringbearers appear to have used their rings to pile up immense wealth, but this wealth ultimately became their downfall as it made them targets for dragons and similar enemies. The human ringbearers were completely consumed by the rings and became the Nazgul.

Thus, Sauron created the rings in order to corrupt and subordinate his most powerful enemies. And while the plan was successful in many respects, the necessity of infusing the One Ring with much of his own power did create an Achilles heel that ultimately led to Sauron's own destruction.

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Q: Why does sauron need the one ring?
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How many rings were made by Sauron?

There was one ring ring created by Sauron. The ring was the Ring of Power. The ring Sauron created was to achieve his purpose.The ring of power was the great weakening of his power. He also lost this ring many ages ago.

How can Sauron be prevented from getting the One Ring?

By destroying it.

How did Sauron lose the master ring?

Gollum took it from him and Frodo pushed him into Mt Doom

Who wanted the One Ring most in Lord of the Rings?


Whose ring was it first in Lord of the Rings?

the one ring belonged to Sauron, the great. He made it

What does Bilbo find on the floor?

The One Ring - the ring made covertly by Sauron to rule all the Rings of Power.

What would have happened if gollum had lived after bitting off frodos finger and reclaiming the ring?

My guess is that he would have left the cave, but one of Sauron's minons would have taken the ring and given it back to Sauron.

What Gollum once possessed?

He used to possess the one ring of Sauron, which he called his precioussss.

Why did sauron create the ring?

To rule them all.

What is the name of the1st Lord of the Rings?

The Lord of the Ring is Sauron, there is no other Lord. But the first ring bearer that was not Sauron was Isildur. The first Lord of the Rings book and movie is 'The Fellowship of the Ring.'

Why was Bilbo less affected by the Ring than Frodo?

The ring has a consciousness of its own. The ring knew that Frodo was going to take it to be destroyed, whereas the one ring abandoned Gollum as it knew that Gollum would never return it to Sauron. The ring used Bilbo as a carrier or a vector.

What is the golden ring from the hobbit?

In The Hobbit the ring's only power is that it makes its bearer invisible.