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Just a Rivalry, no more, no less.

Actually in a more detailed explanation , the word "ino" means boar in Japanese so sakura uses the word "pig" as a suffix as supposed to "san" or "Chan" to insult Ino

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Ino means "boar" in Japanese, so Sakura uses the name "Ino-pig" as an insult for her rival.

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Q: Why does sakura call ino ino pig?
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What does Ino call sakura?

Ino pig, I think it is. =] Yea, I think it is, as well. In episode 101 when Kakashi was about to take off his mask to eat the ramen, Ino, Shikamaru and Choji suddenly come in and I hear Sakura say, "Get off, Ino Pig!" That proves my point. but i think sakura should be a pig...or a donkey butt!!!!!!!! ino's nickname for sakura is ''forehead girl'' sakura is the pig!

What does the name Ino mean?

Ino means "boar" in Japanese Explains why Sakura callers her "Ino Pig" on many episodes of them quarreling.Ino means boar/pig. That's one reason why Sakura called Ino "Ino pig" or "Porker"if you have anymore questions about naruto or Ino email me

Sauke and ino?

You spelled sasuke wrong! And you may think sasuke likes sakura! but he really doesn't admitt he's love for sakura nor Ino!!! And I know that Ino and Sakura are true Friends they won't let Sasuke come between them!! Like that.And FYI the person who fisrt answered this Ino is not a pig!!! she is very bright,and pretty like Sakura!!!!

Does Sakura get Sasuke or does Ino?

It has not yet been confirmed whether Ino or Sakura get Sasuke.

Why does Naruto call Sakura ''Sakura-Chan while everybody else calls her ''Sakura-san?

isn't it because he likes her Because she's very dear to him. ^^ The ones who call her "Sakura-San" do so because they dont know her well. And as for those who just call her "Sakura" they're close enough to her to do that. Also, if you recall, Sakura calls Ino "Ino-Chan" every so often, so it doesnt have to be romantic.

Who is more prettier Ino or sakura?

there both the same age :)

Naruto love who Sakura or Ino or Hinata?


Who hate sakura?

Ino Yamanaka. Sakura and Ino used to be best friends until Sakura found out that Ino liked Sasuke as well. Sakura already had a crush on Sasuke. One day back then, Sakura and Ino sat down on a bench and Sakura asked Ino if it was true that she liked Sasuke too and Ino said yes. Sakura decided they were officially rivals. By the way, if you dont know who Ino is or Sasuke then start watching the Naruto series! Also it's on every Saturday at 9:00pm-10:00 on Cartoon Network (channel 42). Lorraine

Are Ino and Sakura a couple?

NO ,they are not.

Who is better ino or sakura?

Sakura and Ino was (in part1) about ecual in strength, but in Shippuden, Sakura is stronger than Ino. Ino's total stat is 21 and Sakura's stat is 26. Sakura gained enough strength and beauty thanks to Tsunade. Jiraiya said that Tsunade did a good job in making a younger Tsunade and Kakashi even said Sakura can surpass tsunade.

Does Ino have rivals?

Well, of course! Sakura! In like every episode where Ino and Sakura is together they get in a big fight over nothing!

Are Ino and sakura friends again?

When Naruto left the village Ino asked Sakura to teach her. Over the next three years the grew more friendly toward one another. Ino and Sakura still have a somewhat strained relationship, but are friends. (Sakura's brutal training made Ino mad though)