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I presume you mean, "Why does Peter Graves have a last name different from James Arness, if they are brothers?"

To increase one's chances of success in the notoriously fickle entertainment industry, people will often use a stage name more in keeping with the image they are trying to project. Thus, Chris Wallace decided he could better project his image as a rapper with the stage name, "The Notorious B.I.G."

In contrast to Mr. Wallace's effort to sound more like a gangster, people trying to succeed as actors in America usually try to sound more "American." Sadly, a lot of potential audience members look down on somebody with a name that sounds too "different" or "European." Is this fair or right? Of course not -- but it's the way it is. Thus, it is not unusual for young actors to take (or be given) a name that sounds less "foreign."

At birth, the family name of both Peter and James was "Aurness." Even this was an attempt to sound more American, as the original family name was "Aursnes." Upon going into acting, both either chose or were given a more "American" name. James was given "Arness" by his studio; Peter ended up with "Graves," which came from his maternal line.

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Q: Why does peter graves have different names if they are related?
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