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Jack punched Piggy in the stomach, which caused him to sit down with agrunt. Then Jack stood over him and smacked Piggy's head, this send his glasses flying and one lens broke, as they landed on the rocks.

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Piggy made suggestions on what they should've done instead and some of Jack's hunters started to agree with him.

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He dies

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Q: Why does jack attack piggy and what is the result of the attack?
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Jack and who else attack Ralph and piggy?

Jack and his tribe.

In Lord of the Flies Jack and who else attacks Ralph and Piggy?

Roger and Maurice are the ones that attack Jack and Piggy because Jack wants Piggy's glasses.

Why does Jack's group attack the four boys in the hut?

For Piggy's glasses, which means the infinite power of fire.

What did Jack take from piggy?

Jack took Piggy's glasses.

What violence does Jack commit toward Piggy?

Jack participates in the violent attack on Piggy by encouraging his followers to roll a large boulder onto him, ultimately causing his death. This act shows Jack's ruthless and power-hungry nature as he seeks to eliminate anyone who challenges his authority on the island.

In Lord of the Flies chapter 4 who finds Piggys glasses for him?

Simon retrieved Piggy's glasses for him, after they had fallen onto the rocks as a result of Jack punching Piggy.

In the Lord of the Flies why does Jack attack Piggy instead of Ralph in chapter 4?

Jack attacked Piggy rather than Ralph because he knew Piggy wouldn't fight back. If he had attacked Ralph there was a good chance that Ralph would have beaten him and Jack couldn't take the risk of losing face in front of his own hunters.

What do Jack and his followers steal from piggy?

Jack and his followers steal piggy's glasses.

Why do Jack's boys attack Ralph's?

Jack's boys do not attack Ralph's boys at any point in the book. Roger and Maurice accompany Jack on a night time raid on the shelters but the purpose is not 'attack' anyone but simply to steal Piggy's glasses. Even when Ralph, Samneric & Piggy go to castle rock to demand the return of Piggy's glass although they are vastly outnumbered by Jack's tribe they are not attacked.

Why did Jack attack Piggy in the book Lord of the Flies?

Jack attacked Piggy because he was power-hungry and saw Piggy as a threat to his authority over the boys. Jack was determined to maintain control and saw Piggy's intelligence and reason as a direct challenge to his savage rule. This led to an escalation of tension and ultimately resulted in Jack lashing out violently against Piggy.

How does jack's attack on piggy and the breaking of one of his lenses in his spectacles symbolize the degeneration of the group?

Jack's attack on Piggy and the breaking of one of the lenses in his spectacles symbolize the degeneration of the group because at one time the group was whole and all together and then they started to break away from the big group just like Piggy's glasses once were one full piece of glass and then they got broken apart.

What role do Ralph and piggy say they had in the attack?

Piggy claimed that they had nothing to do with the attack/murder of Simon.