Why does itachi want naruto?

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Itachi doesn't want Naruto, it's the bijuu or the Nine Tails he wants. He's part of Akatsuki and the Akatsuki only want to gather the bijuu's meaning taking jinchuurikis like Naruto and Gaara and combing them to make the ultimate 10 tails, juubi.

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Q: Why does itachi want naruto?
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When does Naruto fight Itachi?

because naruto want that itachi tell him where is gaara

Who made Sasuke kill itachi?

naruto want to kill him

Did itachi Uchiha get Naruto in the shows?

no itachi never caught naruto

Why does Sasuke want to kill Naruto?

Well idk the answer for that but i do know that when Sasuke brother Itachi killed the clan, Itachi said to Sasuke is to kill sasuke best friend which is Naruto. but Naruto never died

Does itachi want to kill naruto?

He had the chance too, he didn't, so I guess not. In fact I don't recall Itachi trying to cause any harm to Naruto at all. O.o Too late anyways. Itachi's dead.

Why itachi want catch to naruto?

Itachi wants to capture Naruto because Itachi is from the Akatski, an evil organization of rogue ninja that want to catch all the people that have tailed beasts in them so they can extract the demons and put them together to form the ultimate ten tailed beast.

In which manga chapter does Itachi die?

In naruto manga chapter 393 Why did itachi had to die!!! In naruto manga chapter 393 Why did itachi had to die!!!

When did Itachi give Naruto power?

When naruto encoutered itachi in the forest, even though it doesnt show him giving naruto the powers.

What episode did itachi give powers to naruto?

Itachi gave some of his power to Naruto in Naruto Shippuden episode 126: Twillight.

Who is stronger sage Naruto or itachi?

itachi is better than naruto without sage mode but with sage mode naruto is stronger and faster

Does Itachi like Naruto?

All Itachi cares about is the Leaf Village and Saskue. Itachi likes Naruto only because he believes that only Naruto can change Saskue into the nice boy he was before.

Which episode itachi gives naruto power?

Itachi never does give naruto any "power" but he gives sasuke the mangekyou sharingan eye :) along with a few extras, but i dont want to give it away!

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