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Not everyone calls her that. They've called her that only a few times. But when they did it was because usually on official papers such as records they put the last name "comma" first name. Example: Shay,Carly. get your facts straight dumba**

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Q: Why does everyone call Carly on iCarly shay comma Carly?
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Why does everyone call Carly Shay iCarly?

Their web show is called iCarly so they call her iCarly because of the show.

Why dothey call it iCarly why not isam or ifreddy?

They call it iCarly because Carly is the main character of the show.

Who came up with the name iCarly?

In the first episode of iCarly, Freddie says to Carly and Sam: "Hey, why don't we call the show iCarly?" Then explains what it means: "i - Internet, Carly - you"

Why do they call the show on nick iCarly?

On the first episode Freddie explains why he wants to call it iCarly:i-internet Carly-the host is Carly.

What is that disgusting word Nevil calls Carly on Icarly?

he doesn't call her anything but he says she will rue the day

What does iCarly call Google?


Where are the auditions for iCarly?

Unfortunately you can't audition for iCarly unless there is an open casting call.

Where can i find the song call me maybe by Carly Rae Jepson?

On youtube just look up call me maybe by Carly Rae Jepson

How do you spell Carly Rae jenson?

The singer's name is Carly Rae Jepsen ("Call Me Maybe").

What do you call the pad on iCarly?

Pear pad

What are beavecoons?

On iCarly, Jerry Trainor, the role of Spencer, is obsessed with the Native American myth of the "beavecoon", a hybrid, or mix, of beaver and raccoon. In Spencer's explanation, he call it, quote, "head of beaver, rump of racoons." In one episode of iCarly, Jerry Trainor as Spencer interrupts Jeanette McCurty "Sam" and Maranda Cosgrove, "Carly" 's webisode with a drawing of the "beavcoon"

Why did they make iCarly?

If your talking about why she decided to act on the show, i don't know. But if your talking about the website in the TV show. i recently watched the first episode, in which Carly, Sam and Freddy had to video tape the talent show audition and show it to the teacher and upload it to a website. but unfortunately Freddy uploads the wrong vid of sam and Carly making fun of the teacher. And the video got a unbelievably large amount of views. But they got in trouble. So the 3 said they should come up with a website. And sam and Freddy decided to call it icarly.