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Faak yeah

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Q: Why does eminem sing beautiful?
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What songs did Eminem sing featuring other artists?

beautiful and Stan

Beautiful by Eminem what album?

Beautiful by Eminem was on his Relapse Album ;)

When started to sing Eminem?

Eminem's career began in ...

What does Eminem sing?


Who wrote the song beautiful by Eminem?

Eminem did! :O

Who sings at the start of beautiful by Eminem?

the person who sinqs the intro to eminems sonq beautiful is ;Paul Rodgers the mint'st sinqer eveeerr ! haa not really but yeahh- De;mout ♥

Is Eminem the new king of pop?

No, Eminem does not even sing pop.

Is eminem's we made you the greatest song EVER BRAP BRAP BRAP?

No....His best songs considered are..Lose Yourself.....or ...Stan.....Sing for the moment...Beautiful

What kind does Eminem sing?


Does talor swift sing with Eminem?


What was the first sing Eminem did?

My Name Is.

Does eminem sing about his life?

No, he raps about it.