Why does c3po not fight?

Updated: 8/28/2023
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They are astro and protocol droids and they are not programed for combat, even though R2 can shock, spray oil then burn the enemy, and many other tactics but they just aren't programed for combat as I have already said.

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He's a protocol droid so is programmed with good manners.

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Q: Why does c3po not fight?
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Who is more famous SpongeBob or c3po?


What shape is C3PO's mouth?

It's a rectangular shape.

Who was referred to as the professor in Star Wars?

C3PO During the escape from Hoth, Han Solo referred to C3PO as the professor.

Who are C3PO's allies?

C3PO is a friend to the ancient cultures of the world. He has befriended the ancient egyptians and the ancient greeks, the homosexual aspects of C3PO's personality is due to the strong relationship he had with the ancient greek warrior Suckis Myballius. C3PO and Suckis Myballius' relationship was unable to work due to the fact that one was a robot and C3PO was unable to efficiently satisfy the greek warrior's sexual appetite. Myballius' army also did not want to fight for a flaming homosexual, so Suckis banished C3PO and they were never together again. C3PO made it to the ancient egyptians where he was made to serve as a slave. During his time in ancient egpyt he had a strong bond with a fellow slave by the name of Shadower Isabitchermun, no one is 100% sure of Isabitchermun's nationality. Pakistani, Lebonese, Greek, Egpytian, Brazilian, Indian, no one is sure but many assume he was Egyptian as he served in Egypt for so long. The pair remained friend's for many years after, until C3PO was finally taken back to serve Luke Skywalker, where he unfortunately was destroyed by the evil Darth Vader. In short, Suckis Myballius and Shadower Isabitchermun were C3PO's strongest allies.

Who created C3Po?

Anakin Skywalker

Is there a man inside of c3po in star wars?


Which character was referred to as The Professor in Star Wars?

C3PO during the escape from Hoth, Han Solo referred to c3po as the professor. Obi Wan was called the negotiator.

Who is more famous C3PO or michelangelo?


What compound is c3po?

It's a really twisted one... :)

Is C3PO gay?

yes the gayest! C3PO declared his love for R2-D2 in Episode 2. He then proceeded with his love and later on married R2-D2 in the ficitional episode 7.

Who are the Droids from Star Wars A New Hope?

C3po & r2d2

What is the full form of 3 c?

C3PO - a character in StarWars