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Its because the books have the memories of the past inside them. It could be very dangerous to allow the society, who has no idea what pain is, to know this knownledge
Because the reciever can catch some balls.

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Q: Why does The Receiver have more books but no one else has more than three in the book The Giver?
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Im not sure about the Jonas brothers, but if your talkint about the book The Giver, then its baby Gabriel.

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In the book the giver why does the receiver have more than 3 books?

The Receiver has more than three books because he is the one chosen to bear the memories of the community. These books contain the collective memories of the society that others are not allowed to remember or know about.

What is the highest job in the community called in the book The Giver?

The highest job in the community in the book "The Giver" is called the Receiver of Memory.

What does receiver in the book The Giver mean?

The receiver is the person who receives the feelings of the giver so that he knows what everything means.

In the book called The Giver who is the receiver?


Who is The Receiver the giver book chapter two?

In chapter two of "The Giver" by Lois Lowry, The Receiver is revealed to be an elder named The Giver who holds the memories of the community. He is responsible for training and passing on these memories to the new Receiver, Jonas. The relationship between The Giver and Jonas is crucial to the plot of the book.

How often does the receiver get assigned in the book The Giver?


What are the three other books of the Giver series?

The other three books in "The Giver" series are "Gathering Blue," "Messenger," and "Son" by Lois Lowry. Each book explores different characters and settings within the same dystopian world as "The Giver."

What was one physical feature of the receiver The giver book?

In "The Giver," the Receiver had pale eyes, an indication of his unique role in the community and his ability to receive memories and knowledge from the Giver.

Who is Giver?

the giver is the old guy in the book "the giver" that helps the receiver of memory, Jonas, to receive memories. it kindof explains itself if you read the book.

In the book the giver what is the name of the failed receiver?

The failed Receiver in "The Giver" is named Rosemary. She was selected to be the Receiver of Memory before Jonas, but the memories were too overwhelming for her and she asked to be released.

Why is the book giver Called the giver?

because the person who gives Jonas the memories used to be the receiver of memory but since Jonas is the new receiver of memory, the old receiver of memory calls himself the giver because he GIVES the memories

What was the giver daughters name?

In Lois Lowry's book "The Giver," the Giver's "daughter" is named Rosemary. She was the previous Receiver-in-Training who failed and requested to be released, leading the Giver to choose Jonas as the next Receiver.