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In 2010, Randy Orton Tweeted that the ring is actually a hair band that belongs to his daughter.

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Q: Why does Randy Orton wear a ring on his right hand?
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Does Randy Orton wear a red ring while wreastling?

Yes. On the fourth finger of the right hand.

What is randy ortons ring tune?

randy orton's ring tune is : voices or I hear voices

What does Randy Orton ware on his finger?

tattoo ring

Who is better miz or Randy Orton?

Depends on what youre looking for wether its on the mic skills or in the ring. In the ring it would have to be randy orton, but on the mic it is the miz. I think overall randy is better but the miz is an up and coming superstar.

Who is randy orton dad?

Mr.RKO's dad is CowBoy Bob Orton

What song does Randy Orton use to enter the ring?

Voices by Rev Theory

Did Randy Orton get bit by a viper?

There is little to no evidence anywhere that Randy Orton has ever gotten bitten by any type of snake. Randy Orton is nicknamed 'The Viper' due to his agility in ring as he moves with speed and sneaks up on his opponents, similar to the abilities of a Viper.

Who won the match with Kane and Randy Orton?

Kane won the match and he left randy Orton in the middle of the ring motionless .I wanted randy Orton to win the match. But the big red monster Kane won the match.I hope Randy is OK feel very bad for Randy because April 1st 2012 was his birthday.Happy Birthday Randy

Is there a site with a picture of Randy Orton and Stacy Keibler kissing outside of the ring?

No there isn't.

Has Randy Orton ever been on ring of honor?

No he has been with WWE his whole career

Does hate john cena Randy Orton?

inside the ring way more but outside the ring their not really friends either

How did rob van dam die?

Randy Orton did the rko. RVD turned upside down and hit the ring head first after Randy Orton gave RVD brain damage from aDDT