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To quote directly about Ralph from the book... Lying there in the darkness, he knew he was an outcast. "'Cos I had some sense." As he later said to Samneric, "What have I done? I liked him-- and wanted us to be rescued--" And "But I've done nothing... I only wanted to keep up a fire!"

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Ralph was losing conscious during the attack, that is why he thought that there were a dozen others.

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Q: Why does Ralph think he has become an outcast in Lord of the Flies chapter 12?
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What does Ralph feel envious and resentful about in chapter 4 lord of the flies?

Ralph has become envious of their joy and success of killing a pig, and resentful of their irresponsibility for not keeping the fire lit. He later interrupts their fun and calls a meeting.

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Early in the first chapter Ralph told Piggy that his father was a commander in the Navy.Early in the first chapter Ralph told Piggy that his father was a commander in the Navy.

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