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Her hair changes, because when she sold all the meat pies she got a lot of money, so she colored it red, and got more outfits, too.

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Q: Why does Mrs Lovett's hair change from brown to red in the movie Sweeney Todd?
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What certificate is the Sweeney Todd movie?

The Sweeney Todd movie is a 18.

Whats the name of the movie with Johnny Depp as Sweeny Todd?

The name of the movie is 'Sweeney Todd'. With Johnny Depp starring as Sweeney Todd. Sweeney Todd, The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. HA!

What are the lyrics to Parlor Songs from Sweeney Todd?

Below is a link to the soundtrack lyrics from the movie Sweeney Todd.

Who was the first man killed in Sweeney Todd?

In the 2007 movie, the first man Sweeney killed was Adolfo Pirelli

Where was sweeney todd filmed?

The 2007 movie was filmed at Pinewood Studios in Iver Heath, Buckinghamshire, which is 20 minutes outside the city of London. However, I have no idea where other movie versions of Sweeney were filmed (1936 Tod Slaughter one and 2006 BBC one)

Will there be a second Sweeney Todd movie?

At this time there are no plans to make a second Sweeney Todd movie. There was no sequel to the book OR the musical it was based on, so a second movie does not make much sense, but we can continue to hope. :)

When is the movie Sweeney Todd released?

December 21, 2007

Did Johnny Depp have fake teeth in his movie Sweeney Todd?


Is there ever going to be another Sweeney Todd movie coming out starring Johnny Depp?

I doubt it, Sweeney Todd died at the end of the movie. Unless he comes back as a ghost of course.

Who is the actress who plays the female lead role in Sweeney Todd - the movie?

In the movie adaptation of Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, Mrs. Lovett is played by Helena Bonham Carter.

How does Tobias ragg die in the movie Sweeney Todd?

He doesn't die.

Who starred in sweeney todd?

Johnny Depp played the role of Sweeney Todd in the 2007 movie. Other well known Sweeney's (from the musical) are George Hearn (1980 and 1989 production), Len Cariou (1980 production), Michael Cerveris (2005 revival). Non musical movie versions of Sweeney have included Tod Slaughter (1936 black and white version based on the original A String of Pearls story) and Ray Winstone (2006 BBC version of Sweeney).