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the reason she ripped peoples tounges out was because she was doing her ventriliquist act with one of her dummies and a little boy said that it wasn't the dummy talking it was her bc h e saw he lips move. The boy came up missing but when he was found and he was turned into a puppet but his tounge was cut out bc of what he said to mary shaw about it not being her dummy talking. And it was actually the dummy who killed them bc the dummy was like an omen. And only went to the decendants of the boy and the people who killed mary shaw. She posessed the puppets. And no she didnt have any children.

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Q: Why does Mary shaw rip tongues out?
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What is the rhyme of Mary Shaw?

Beward the stare of Mary shaw she has no children only dolls and if you see her in your dreams be sure you never ever scream or shell rip your tongue at the seam

How do Mary shaw kill people?

Mary Shaw, a fictional character from the horror film "Dead Silence," kills people by removing their tongues. In the movie, it is believed that she kills them as revenge for speaking ill of her as a ventriloquist. However, it is important to note that Mary Shaw's methods and actions are purely fictional and do not reflect reality.

When did Mary Shaw - actress - die?

Mary Shaw - actress - died in 1929.

When was Mary Shaw - actress - born?

Mary Shaw - actress - was born in 1854.

What was Mary shaw's real full name?

Mary Shaw is a fictional character, not a real person. The character's full name is Mary Ann Shaw.

When did Mary Shaw Shorb die?

Mary Shaw Shorb died on 1990-08-18.

What is the poem of Mary Shaw?

Beware the stare of Mary Shaw.She had no children, only dolls.And if you see her in your dreams,Be sure you never, ever scream.Or she'll rip your tongue out at the seam.

Is the tale of Mary Shaw real or fake?

Not in the least. She was completely fictional. she not real guys it base on a true story but its not true cause parnormal activity said it was true and nothing happen to me so its not real

What is The story of Mary Shaw in dead silence?

there is a poem about her in the movie that goes: Beware the stare of Mary Shaw, She had no children only dolls and if you see her in your dreams be sure you never ever scream. Mary Shaw was a ventriloquist in an small town and she was blamed for the death of a child and killed by the boys family. She comes back for revenge.

Do Mary Shaw exist?


DID Mary Shaw EVER have kids?


What is the song about Mary Shaw from scary movies?

Beware the stare of Mary Shaw She had no children only dolls And if you see her in your dreams You must not ever scream For she is taking revenge upon all Who had silenced her and made her fall Sending out 101 dolls to rip out their tongues So none of them will utter a single word again Beady little eyes, turning every way you go Leave them in the dark and you never know Forever they will place you down, in eternal sleep With a picture of horror, your own blood will seep And gone forever, she will take All your loved ones and family Beware of Mary Shaw She's very angry And whatever you do, don't appear scared For she will murder you and leave your blood there Her ghost is kept inside one doll Dug from her grave, you will lose it all Just don't say her name Don't ask her why She'll take your loved ones and she won't cry Beware of the stare of Mary Shaw Her spirit lives on in the doll