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Legolas doesn't "appear" to run out of arrows simply because during battle he picks up arrows from fallen soldiers or pulls them off of bodies to fill his empty quiver, the case that carries the arrows. Thus, he ends up with variedly sized and weighted arrows during battles.

In the book, Legolas does run out of arrows. It is specifically mentioned at the death of Boromir and again at the Battle of Helm's Deep.

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Q: Why does Legolas never run out of arrows?
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Where can I buy Legolas' full bow and arrows set from Lord of the Rings?

eBay or try the Disney website.

What powers do elves have?

Kind of like Legolas i think they can hear far and shoot arrows real good.

What does legolas wear?

Light shoes, not boots. He wears green and brown clothing. He also has a bow and quiver of arrows.

Did the swords Legolas has in The Lord of the Rings movies exist in the books?

Yes, the "swords" Legolas uses are actually "long knives" that are sometimes used by the elves. Legolas does use them in the books, for example at The Battle of Helm's Deep in Book 2 he runs out of arrows and must use his knives.

Does Legolas lose an arm anywhere in the trilogy?

Nope, never.

When was Legolas created?

Legolas was created in 1954.

Who plays legolas?

Orlando bloom plays Legolas

What is Lord of the Rings character Legolas' hairstyle called?

His name is Legolas. Tolkien did not tell us any other names. The "Greenleaf" sometimes added to his name is merely a translation of his name. ---- Legolas' name is Legolas, sometimes Legolas Thranduilion "Legolas son of Thranduil" and sometimes Legolas Greenleaf, though the correctness of the latter is debatable. Legolas was played in the films by Orlando Bloom.

Where is Legolas from in Lord of the Rings?

Legolas was the son of the Elvenking of Mirkwood, King Thranduil, and thus is technically a prince, though he is never titled as such in either book or film.

Who play the legolas character?

Legolas is played by Orlando Bloom.

What is Legolas's middle name?

Legolas Greenleaf does not have a middle name.

Who plays the character of Legolas?

Legolas is played by Orlando Bloom.