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the first avox katniss encounters is a redhead that katniss saw in the forest with gale long ago. she and a boy behind her seemed to be running from someone. the people killed the boy and turned the girl into a avox.

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Katniss and Gale were in the woods when they saw the avox-girl and her friend running through. A hovercraft was following, trying to capture them. The avox's friend was killed and pulled up to the hovercraft. The avox-girl saw Katniss and hoped for her to save her, but Katniss couldn't do anything before the hovercraft picked the girl up too.

The girl was not killed, but was made into an avox - a mute slave. Katniss feels guilty because she was the girl's last hope, but she failed to help her.

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Because one day when her and Gale were hunting they saw the red haired Avox and another man being chased by a Capitol hovercraft. They hid and didn't help them so when Katniss saw the girl as an Avox in the Capitol she felt guilty for not helping.

Hope that helped :-)

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She recognizes her from the time in the woods and never expected to see her again.

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Q: Why does Katniss feel guilty when she sees this avox in the hunger games?
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What is the Avox in the book Hunger Games?

Read the series, it is in the third book, Mockingjay.

Who is Lavinia from The Hunger Games?

Lavinia is an Avox (someone who has been punished for being a rebel against the Capitol by having their tongues cut out) who served as a servant to Katniss during both the 74th and 75th Hunger Games.

What starts with x that has to do with the Hunger Games?


How does Peeta Mellark cover for Katniss - Hunger Games?

Peeta covers for Katniss by telling everyone she recognizes the Avox girl, because she looks like one of the girls at their school in district 12.

What are the servants called in hunger games book?


How does chapter 7 on the hunger games begin?

Katniss is on the train, She is having nightmares about the red-headed Avox, and her mother, sister and father. She joins Haymitch and Peeta at breakfast, and they discuss strategies for the games. Hope this helps :)

When was the dinner exchange in the Hunger Games?

If you mean about the Avox it wa chapter 6

What does the Avox Girl wear from the Hunger Games?

All Avoxes wear white.

What sort of thing does the Avox Girl wear in 'The Hunger Games'?

A Red suit.

What happens between katniss and the avox girl?

One day when Katniss was hunting with Gale, she was sitting in a tree when she and a boy ran past. The avox girl yelled for help I think, but Katniss didn't move. Then the boy got killed and the avox girl turns in to an avox.

Hunger games avox?

An avox is a servant for the capitol. They have had their tongue chooped out by the capitol, so they cant speak, and they are forced to serve the people of the capitol.

What role does Darius play in The Hunger Games?

Darius was Katniss' friend back in district 12. When Gale is whipped Darius tries to stop the peacekeeper but ends up getting punished. He is the Katniss' then servant (an Avox) when she competes in the Quarter Quell