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KATEY Sagal doesn't really have that scar, it's makeup!

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Q: Why does Katie sagal have a scar on her chest?
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Is the scar on Katey Sagal chest real or part of the character on Sons of Anarchy?

It is just part of the character. It is not real -- it is applied makeup.

Are steven sagal and Katie sagal brother and sister?

No, they are not. She is, however, related to actor Joe Sagal and her younger sisters are the doublemint twins from the commercials in the 1980s.

Did Katie Sagal have heart surgery?

The scar on her chest in the tv series "Sons of Anarchy" is only a fake. the show has not yet laid out the story line for the scar. This storyline is alluded to in the very first episode when Abel is born and Tara (the doctor) is talking about the baby health problems, including the hole in his heart, and Gemma (Katey Sagal) says something the like "Oh the CHD (congenital heart defect)...the family curse" which her other son died from and she obviously had surgery to correct hers as well.

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What are Katie price's measurements?

Katie's chest is currently a 32EE

What is Katie prices measurements?

Katie's chest measurements at the moment are a 32EE

How did Gemma get her chest scar on sons of anarchy?

She had the same heart condition Abel had. The scar is from where they performed the surgery.

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Is Katie price skinny or curvey?

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How are katey sagal and mcnally sagal related?

McNally Sagal is Katey Sagal's sister in law. Married to her only brother.

Why has James find able got a scar on his chest?

The general consensus is that James Roday had heart surgery, because of the similarities between the scar on his chest and surgical scars; however this is merely speculation and has not been verified.

Is Katie seagal steven seagal's sister?

Katey Sagal and Steven Seagal are not related. Steven Seagal has a sister named Brenda who lives in Canada. Katey Sagal has 4 siblings, Jean and Liz (who are twin sisters) and a brother, Joe. They are all involved in the entertainment business.