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he says this because at the moment, he was being scarcastic

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Q: Why does Jack say We mustn't let anything Happen to Piggy must we?
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Who does Jack feel Ralph is always protecting?

Jack feels that Ralph is always protecting Piggy, whom Jack sees as Ralph's weak and dependent friend. This leads to conflict between them as Jack believes that Piggy should not receive special treatment.

What did Jack take from piggy?

Jack took Piggy's glasses.

What does Jack do when piggy yells at him?

Jack slaps Piggy so hard that it breaks one of his glasses lenses. He then goes on to mock his whining voice with his own parody of it to ridicule him. Tsch Tsch Should've Read it. All the same, your welcome.

What do Jack and his followers steal from piggy?

Jack and his followers steal piggy's glasses.

In Lord of the Flies Jack and who else attacks Ralph and Piggy?

Roger and Maurice are the ones that attack Jack and Piggy because Jack wants Piggy's glasses.

How does piggy change after Jack leaves?

After Jack leaves to go to Castle Rock, Piggy becomes more confident with himself, and starts to stand up for himself. This happens because Jack stole Piggy's glasses, and now he can no longer hide behind his disability of not being able to see.

What does jack plan on steling from Ralph and piggy?

piggy's glasses

Whose idea is it to go to Jack and demand piggy's glasses?


How does Jack treat piggy in lord of the files?

Jack initially dismisses Piggy and the influence he has on the group. He belittles Piggy's intelligence and continually undermines his authority in order to maintain control over the other boys on the island. Eventually, Jack's treatment of Piggy escalates into physical violence, culminating in Piggy's tragic death.

What did piggy do when jack said he didn't hunt?

When Jack said he didn't hunt, Piggy mocked him by saying that Jack couldn't hunt as he was just a boss. Piggy implied that Jack was incompetent and only good at giving orders, not actually participating in the hunting.

What is jack's orders to the group when he sees piggy and Ralph in the lord of the flies?

Jack orders the boys to kill Piggy and Ralf.

What are some similarities between Jack and Piggy?

Both Jack and Piggy, are stubborn English boys of about 12 years old and symbolically represent groups of society and parts of the human thought, but Jack and Piggy's similarities end there