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At the start of chapter twelve Jack lit a fire in an attempt to smoke Ralph out of his hiding place in the thicket close to castle rock. The fire simply got out of control, Jack did not intend to set fire to the entire island, including all the fruit trees and the pigs.

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Q: Why does Jack burn down the forest in Lord of the Flies?
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In Lord of the Flies what was Jack doing in the woods?

I presume that you are referring to the start of chapter 3: Huts on the beach where Jack is alone in the forest. The answer is that Jack is trying to hunt pigs.

What is used in the first attempt to flush Ralph from the thicket in the lord of the flies?

Burning down the camp. After Jack leaves his crew try to burn down the huts they have made.

How successful is jack in the second hunt in lord of the flies?

In the second hunt in "Lord of the Flies," Jack is successful in killing a pig. However, the boys struggle to keep the fire going to signal to passing ships, leading to a missed opportunity for rescue. Overall, Jack's success in hunting does not translate to the group's greater goal of being rescued.

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Who is responsible for keeping the fire going lord of the flies?

The hunters were responsible for keeping the signal fire lit but, they in Chapter 4 they let it burn out which destroyed an early survival because a ship went past.

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