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Because, in the beginning of the story it says, "Hazel had a perfectly average intelligence, which meant she couldn't think about anything except in short bursts." Which is saying that she can't think about anything for a long time for example, her crying.

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Q: Why does Hazel Bergeron forget what she is crying about?
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Read this excerpt from Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut Jr. You been crying he said to Hazel. Yup she said. What about he said. I forget she said. Something real sad on television. What was it he sa?

By Hazel's forgetting why she had been crying, the author leaves the reader feeling unsatisfied.

How are George and Hazel Bergeron described?

George and Hazel are portrayed as being somewhat naive, and as being taken advantage of by the government. 'Harrison Bergeron' is a short story written by Kurt Vonnegut.

How did hazel and george react to their son escaping?

what do you consider to be the message of harrison bergeron what leads you to this unberstandingof the text

What best describes the intended aesthetic impact of this excerpt A.By Hazel's forgetting why she had been crying the author leaves the reader feeling unsatisfied. B.By showing Hazel cryi?

By Hazel's forgetting why she had been crying, the author leaves the reader feeling unsatisfied.

Why wasn't the bulletin clear at first to George and Hazel and other viewers in Harrison Bergeron?

Because they're stupid.

What does hazel say she would do if she were the handicap general in Harrison Bergeron?

I'd have chimes on Sunday-just chimes Kind of in honor of religion .

How do George and hazel react to the televised murder of his son?

they forget about it

Why does the government handicap George but not Hazel in Harrison Bergeron?

George's intelligence was more than the average person, so the government made him wear a handicap. Hazel's intelligence was just average so she did not need a handicap.

What is the irony in Harrison Bergeron?

The Irony is the fact that you expect Harrison to succeed in his 'overthrow', but instead he fails. Also, there is irony in the fact that both George and Hazel forget the fact their son died. Finally, the author states the story takes place in the future, when in fact he can be referring to the past or present.

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no, baby won't die from crying.. it is only a sign that he/she needs something. maybe he/she is hungry or sleepy, ... and crying is how baby communicates...

Who is the static character in Harrison Bergeron?

The static characters in Harrison Bergeron are George and Hazel. Neither of these characters change much throughout the book. Even Harrison could be considered a static character because his views and beliefs never changed. Harrison Bergeron is a short story written by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

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