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because her neck didn't get the lift memo

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Q: Why does Gloria Allred always wear turtleneck?
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Can Women wear Turtleneck Sweaters?

Rules are made to be broken. They definitely wear turtleneck sweaters

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Well,when you ice skate,the best thing to wear is a turtleneck and jeans-you don't want to get too hot-and you can always wear a vest.

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he wore a long sleave turtleneck

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People wear mini-skirts, mink coat and moccasins. They also wear mittens, a mock turtleneck and maternity clothes.

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· mini skirt · mink coat · mittens · moccasins · mock turtleneck · muffler

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People wear mittens, moccasins, a mask, makeup, mini skirt, mock turtleneck and muffler. They begin with the letter m.

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