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Lil Fizz has a big birth mark on his stomach, so they have him cover it.

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Q: Why does Fizz the rapper of B2K never be shirtless?
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Is rapper Lil Fizz in a gang?

Yes, Lil Fizz who was a former member of the B2K r&b group is a member of the 83 Gangster Crip gang.

What member of b2k was in a gang?

Lil Fizz, and he's still in a gang, he's a member of the 8 Tray Gangster Crips gang.

Is Lil' Fizz from B2k Roc Royal from Mindless Behaviors father?


Can lil fizz sing?

Yes he can, he was apart of the boy band B2k

Who are the members of b2k?

Omarion Grandberry <3 lil fizz J boog & raz B B2K split up in 2004!

What was Lil' Fizz's original solo album while with B2K titled?


What were the names group B2K?

i know three boog, lil fizz, and Omarion

What former member of b2k is in a gang?

Lil Fizz(8 TrayGangster Crips).

Lil fizz number?

Lil Fizz's phone number is not known. Lil Fizz was a member of the R&B boy band, B2K along with Omarion.

Who was in the group b2k?

*B2K*Omarion(leader)Raz BLil Fizz(rapper)J-Boog(Marques Houston's cousin)==Notes==*Since the group has split, the only two members that still remain good friends are Lil Fizz & J-Boog. Omarion & Raz B are not on good terms with the other two members, or each other.*Lil Fizz has dissed Omarion, and Raz B on several songs & interviews.

Are Jhene and Lil Fizz together?

No, they are not together. They are/were close like family. But Jhene did play Lil Fizz's girlfriend in B2K's Why I Love You music video. Some people claimed they were together but Jhene said that Fizz is basically family. Jhene also said that her first boyfriend was in B2K (whoever it was).

Who is lil fizz to raz b?

They are not related. They were former band mates in the pop group B2K

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