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Because Bella's full name is Isabella and that name is originally Italian.

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Q: Why does Esme think Bella will like Italian food?
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What food did Esme fix Bella?

Italian Food (:

What was Bella's favorite food on isle Esme?


Is Bella Swan Italian?

Well, I think the name Isabella is Italian. That's why when Rosalie made the comment, "I hope she's Italian", because they were making Italian food, Emmett replied, "Well her name is Bella." So I don't know if Bella is Italian, but her name is Italian... I think.

In Twilight what are the Cullens cooking?

Italian food for Bella. vampires dont eat mortal food.

What does Bella cibo mean?

"Bella cibo" is Italian for "good food" or "beautiful food". It is often used as a compliment to express enjoyment of a delicious meal or food experience.

What food does Bella think gave her food poisoning in breaking dawn?

She had eggs. She was actually pregnant.

What type of food does Bella Italia serve?

Bella Italia is an Italian restaurant that serves baked pizzas, calzone, pastas, burgers and items from the grill. There are many restaurants across the country.

What is the name of the food Bella had on her 1st date with edward?

Mushroom Ravioli i think?

Is Pope Benedict XVI Italian?

No but many people think he is for his love of Italian food. He is German.

Is bologna an Italian food?

I think it's more American.

Should you have Italian food or pizza for dinner?

I think that it depends on what kind of "food" you are talking about and what kind of pizza. Prersonally I would choose Italian food but if its really good pizza then I would eat both. Pizza is Italian food.

Does Bella have a boy or girl?

Bella has a daughter with her husband, Edward Cullen. She is pregnant with her for a little under a month. After aviolent birth, she gives birth to a girl, & they name her Renesmee Carlie Cullen.