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because edward and Bella are the parents of renesmee

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because they want to kill her.

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Q: Why does Edward protect Renesmee from the Voltori?
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What is a summary of beraking dawn in 4 sentences?

Bella and Edward get married, and have Renesmee, Bella gets turned into a vamp. Jacobs pack wants to kill her but he wont let them. The Voltori find out and prepare to come and eliminate her. They convince the voltori that renesmee is part human, and not to kill her, they leave and everyone lives happily ever after:].

Breaking dawn main-problems and conflicts?

Renesmee is born and nearly kills Bella and then the Voltori wants to kill the Cullen's because of Renesmee

Where does Edward go when he thinks that Bella is dead?

The Voltori...

What does Bella do for edward onbreaking dawn part 2?

They protect their daughter Renesmee against the Volturi.

Who is Renesmee's father?

Edward is Renesmee's biological father and Bella is Renesmee's mother

Who's daughter is Renesmee?

Renesmee is Bella's and Edward's child.

Why do they have to gather loads of fellow vampires to be witnesses for Bella and Edward in Breaking Dawn?

So the Voltori would not kill Bella, since Bella was a vampire but the Voltori did not know.

What are renesmee Cullen?

Renesmee Cullen is the daughter of Edward and Isabella Cullen.

Why doesn't Bella let edward touch renesmee?

she does let him............ how do you think renesmee got out Bella's belly - EDWARD picked renesmee up out of Bella's belly!!!!!!

How did Bella get a daughter named Renesmee?

She had it with Edward, and her name is Renesmee 'cause she combined Esme, Edward's mom, and Renee, Bella's mom and got the name Renesmee.

Where does Edward Cullen move to after leaving Bella?

He doesnt move but he goes to volterra Italy to the voltori

Who is Renesmee's dad?

Edward Cullen.

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