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One of the first times (if not THE first time) she calls Alan "Zippy" she refers to "Zippy the Chimp". "Zippy" was a chimpanzee television/shorts character from the late 50s and early 60s. He was featured as a sort of "near human" character, rather than as an animal, in a series of shorts used as fillers on television and at movie theaters. He was treated as an equal by his child co-actors. he sort of filled the role of the main character in the shorts (ala "Spanky" in "Our Gang") but typically closed out the feature by doing something extraordinarily foolish - thus proving himself to be only a monkey (ala Alan Harper).

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Bertha calls Alan zippy after 'zippy the chimp'. Zippy was some major star back in 1950. Anyway, she calls him (alan) that coz he looks a bit like zippy.

U can see this in episode 14 in season 4 (at round 6 mins 24 secs into the show i think)

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Q: Why does Berta call Alan Zippy?
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