Why does Alois want Ciel?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Because both Sebastian and Claude wanted Ciel's soul, and Claude just used Alois as a tool. All Alois wanted was someone to care about him, but Claude only cared about taking Ceil's soul. So Alois wanted Ceil to feel his loneliness while Alois got attention.

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Q: Why does Alois want Ciel?
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Why did alois take over Ciel's body?

Because Alois' soul and Ciel's soul had been fused into the same body, Ciel's body. And at the time Alois was fighting for dominance and trying to take control of Ciel's body.

Will Ciel Phantomhive ever love Alois?

No, Ciel and Alois are enemies. Toward the end, he gained a new understanding and respect for Alois, due to the similarities they have both suffered. But I highly highly doubt he loves him.

What episode did alois and ciel fight?

Alois and Ciel do not fight in any episodes. They both appear in different story arcs within the Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji) anime series, with Alois appearing in the second season, and Ciel being a central character throughout the series. Their stories do intertwine but they do not engage in a physical fight.

How does Ciel survive?

he is turned into a demon because the contract Alois made with Hannah.

What episode did Ciel fight Alois?

Black Butler, Season 2, Episode 7 'Deathly Butler'.

Who is older Ciel Phantomhive or Alois Trancy?

Alois Trancy (or Jim McCain) was born November 17, 1875 (at the best guess) and is 14 years old. Ciel Phantomhive was born December 14, 1875 (at the best guess) and is 13 years old. Alois Trancy is older than Ciel Phantomhive but, he is much more childish than Lord Phantomhive. Lord Trancy is also taller than Lord Phantomhive.

Does ciel phantomhive die in black butler?

This is EVERYTHING, from the beginning of Season 1 to the end of Season 2, so I hope you have the patience to read this: SEASON 1: - Ciel lost his parents. - Ciel makes a deal with Sebastian (a demon): his soul for the revenge of his parents' deaths. - The deal then becomes a contract. - The concept of the contract is that Sebastian can have Ciel's soul in exchange of assisting him in the adventure to seek out his parents' killer, however, not anytime before that. - Until the time comes to retrieve his soul, Sebastian is to serve as Ciel's butler. - During a fight with Madam Red (Ciel's aunt) and Grell Sutcliff (a Grim Reaper), Sebastian loses his arm, the SAME arm that contains a pendant on it. This pendant is the mark of proof that they made a contract with one another. This same pendant is located in Ciel's right eye, hence why he is always wearing the eyepatch. - Closer to the end of Season 1, they realize that an angel named Angela was the one responsible for the deaths of Ciel's parents. Upon finding out about this, they [Sebastian and Angela] duel, but the Phantomhive manor is burned down in the process, along with the streets of London. - At the VERY END of Season 1, Pluto, a guard dog of the Phantomhive Manor, loses his life, as he is controlled by Angela into destroying the manor and the streets of London, along with Madam Red, and Angela loses her wings thanks to Sebastian. - LAST EPISODE: Sebastian sits Ciel down and prepares to eat his soul... SEASON 2: - At the very last minute, before Ciel's soul is eaten, it is stolen by Claude, a different demon butler, under the orders of HIS Master, Alois Francy. - Thanks to the fact that Sebastian lost the arm that contains the pendant, he no longer has any proof that he claimed Ciel's soul, which means it is basically up on the table for anyone who wants to take it. Alois wants it because apparently, Sebastian had made a contract with Alois's brother, Lau, MAN YEARS PRIOR and ended up eating HIS SOUL as well. The contract: Alois's happiness in exchange for, you've guessed it: the soul of Lau. - Sebastian fights to get him back (as if he does not, then all of the events of Season 1 would've been in vain) and he brings him back. - When the ring is placed back on Ciel's thumb, his soul returns to his body, but his memories are very much damaged. That is why (if you may have realized) he has no recollection of the death of Madam Red or Pluto. He doesn't even remember the revenge that he sought for his parents. All he remembers is that Sebastian is his loyal butler. - Claude decides to take advantage of all of this, and, still under the orders of his master, he retrieves Ciel. - Digging deeper into the story, Hannah, one of Alois's servants, is also a demon; understand that now. - This contract involved the happiness of Alois in exchange for, yes, you've guessed it: Lau's soul. - This is where the confusion starts to develop: why on earth would Claude want Ciel's soul if he belongs to Alois? Well, simply because Ciel's soul has a "nice taste" to it, Claude couldn't possibly let it go to waste. And during fight between Alois and Ciel, Ciel loses some blood (as he stops himself from coming to harm with the blade of a sword using his hand) and Alois is stabbed. The two butlers come just in time to help and Claude gets some of Ciel's blood on his face, as Ciel slaps him and orders him to "unhand him." As Sebastian and Ciel leave, Claude actually LICKS some of Ciel's blood. Automatically, his interest turns to him. - Why does Claude kill Alois? He used Alois as a tool to get to Ciel. Not only that, but Alois also claimed his love for Claude, and you simply cannot "claim your love" for a demon. - Claude figured out a way to merge Alois's memories with Ciel's and that's how Ciel ended up getting possessed by Alois. This is possible because although Alois was killed, his soul is STILL INSIDE of the red ring he always wore. Claude slipped this ring onto Ciel's index finger. - Ciel fights to bring himself back, and at the last minute, he ORDER Sebastian that until he consumes EVERY LAST BIT of Ciel's soul, he is to remain his butler forever. - Despite everything that happens (which isn't really all that important compared to the TRUE ending), Sebastian ends up killing Claude. - Now here, you'd think it'd be the end. Ciel gets his soul back, Hannah and Alois are no more and Sebastian can feast. Wrong. - Alois, it turns out, has one more trick up his sleeve. He makes a SECOND contract with Hannah to kill Ciel and bring him back as a demon, as demons do not have souls to be feasted upon. Not knowing this, Sebastian kills Claude anyway. - The rest is basic common sense: Hannah jumps over the ledge and into the water below while still clutching Ciel's body. Sebastian goes in after them, and again, he has NO IDEA about this SECOND CONTRACT that was made between Alois and Hannah. Once Ciel awakens and his eyes are red, that's when Sebastian realizes what was done. Now think about this: one of the VERY LAST order given to Sebastian by Ciel was that until he consumed ever last portion of Ciel's soul, he will forever remain Ciel's butler. Ciel was just turned into a demon; demons have NO SOUL to consume. What does that mean? Sebastian was tricked into becoming Ciel's butler for the rest of eternity. Final question: why did he leave the Phantomhive Manor? The others were bound to notice what had happened to Ciel eventually, about how he became a demon and such. Who would want him around if that were the case? As for where Sebastian and Ciel will go... I guess that's up for the makers of Black Butler to decide. :) I hope this clears it up. If I missed something, bring it up and I'll call it out.

Is kuroshitsuji season 2 based on alois and claude or sebastion and ciel?

It is based on both of these people, but it isn't quite clear if Ciel has come back from the dead or not, I cant seem to understand if he is back and has forgotten everything, or if these are episodes from back when Ciel was alive.

What happens in Kuroshitsuji season 2?

An Earl like Ciel, Alois Trancy, had made a similar contract with a demon named Claude Faustus. Claude had stolen Ciel's soul after Sebastian's arm was cut off in the last episode of season I, breaking Ciel and Sebastian's contract. So, Ciel's soul was open to take. Claude had then put Ciel's soul in the Phantomhive family ring, storing it beneath the Trancy manor (in the basement storage) in a New Moon Drop tea box. Alois had let Sebastian into the manor, not knowing who he was. Sebastian took Ciel's soul and resurrected him. Until the end, it is a constant battle between the two demons for Ciel's soul. The ending is rather surprising...

Is ciel in kuroshitsuji 2?

Yes he is in season 2, he may not in the beginning of episode one, but he dose appear. Don't let Alois and Claude fool you thinking they took over, Ciel is still a big part in the anime.

If alois from kuroshitsuji season 2 is dead?


Is ceil dead from black butler?

No, but this will contain spoilers. :/ In the first one Ciel's soul gets stolen right before Sebastian was going to take it. It was taken by Claude. In the end a boy named Alois Trancy makes a deal with and demon to make sure neither Claude nor Sebastian get Ciel's soul. Ciel becomes a demon in the end. :/