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to lock someone inside

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Q: Why do you put penny under threshold of door?
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Why shouldn't you put a penny under a burned-out-fuse?

The penny does not provide the over current protection that the fuse provides.

How to get a fast fever?

Do the old penny trick. put a penny under your tongue ang suck on it for about and hour or so then take your temp that should do it!

How do you know if your 1943 penny is bronze?

Put it under a magnet. If it sticks it is a steel penny. If it does not stick take to a collector or professional who can examine it further and give you a answer.

What do you use to block a hole under your door?

you put a towel or a piece of dry wall, get a new door, piece of paper

What happens when you put a penny under your tongue and the a thermometer?

Putting a penny under your tongue while taking your temperature with a thermometer can alter the temperature reading. The metal of the penny may interfere with the accuracy of the thermometer, leading to an incorrect reading. It is always best to follow the manufacturer's instructions for proper use of the thermometer.

Why do people put a penny under carpets?

Pennies under the carpet are for good luck when moving into a new home, you would put pennies heads up so you could be blessed with luck in your new home.

Where can you sell this penny?

What penny! :) Ebay most likely. Put on the description "lucky penny"

What happens when you put a penny in olive oil?

It will clean the penny. :)

Is it safe to put a penny in a fire?

You can put a penny in a fire, however it is illegal to destroy money. Also do not attempt to get the penny out of the fire or you will likely be burned.

What happens when you put a penny in water?

When you put a penny in water, its density is greater than that of water, so the penny sinks. This is because the weight of the water displaced by the penny is less than the weight of the penny itself.

How do you prevent heat loss under door drafts?

Buy one of those cheap draft stoppers that slip under your door or roll up a towel and put it at the base of the door. Another alternative is to install weather stripping on the door.

Why do they call penny loafers penny loafers?

They call Penny Loafers Penny Loafers because they are loafers in you put pennys in them