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No because in many social situations, it is not acceptable .

Yes, not everywhere, but in many places & situations it is considered acceptably casual for women to to go barefoot but for men it is often seen as oafish & silly.
It seems that women don"t get hassled as much as men for being in stores barefoot. I go barefoot alot to stores and I see women do it too, but the clerks seem to say something only to me. I think its more common to see women in bare feet so that are more tolerant to them.

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After asking many young women as to why they walk barefoot in public areas the most common answer seems to be "it is more natural look" "young men like seeing women barefoot" "the clothes I'm wearing look better with no shoes" "I'm going through a barefoot phase" "it's a more sexy look" "It shows my high level of personal confidence" "I like the feeling of the ground on my soles". Basically it seems that here in Australia were young women walk barefoot in public is motivated as a "look" to cause attraction to men. My personal opinion is that the no shoes look can only be achieved successfully by white women only. Barefoot men look like homeless bums and dark skin races look "dirty" in kind of ways. My 2 cents worth of info here.

The barefoot look can be achieved successfully by both men and women. Men don't usually take good care of their feet. But if a man is a true barefooter and has nice tan feet, he will look awesome!

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Q: Why do women like being barefoot?
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