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The women must wear the burqa because of the strict regulations set by the Taliban. They changed Afghanistan to a very strict Muslim country, and in conservative Islam, women are seen as temptations and must cover their "adornments," such as their hair, wrists, ankles, etc.

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Q: Why do women in Afghanistan cant show there faces?
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Why do Muslim women choose not to show their faces?

Not all Muslim women cover their faces, but most of them cover only their hair. Of course, if you want to be a Muslim, you have to follow the teaching of Islam, the Islam asks women to at least cover their hair.

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Because in the religion of Islam, they have to cover their heads once at a certain age and they can show respect and love to their religion and Allah if they wear the Niqab which is what Muslim women wear to cover their faces.

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Have womens rights improved in Afghanistan?

Since the Taliban has been kicked out and NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) has taken over, womens rights have definitly improved. The edvidence to prove this is that400,000 women have started school this million children are at school and 37% are female.women can now be in the military.And women with husbands that tolerate it, can show their faces, instead of always wearing a burka.

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