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People create animation the same reason we create Video Games or movies.For entertainment.In Japan anime is a type of animation with cartoon characters done with usually large eyes and great (but ususally not able to get in real life) bodies.If we didn't have animation,how would we entertain ourselves on a rainy day?

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... Why? As in 'Why do these people spend their life on this cr*p?' or 'Why do people bother to use their livelyhood creating it?'

Well, there is no easy answer to either of these questions. Anime has its own universe with different morals and lifestyles. It's not someone that doesn't have have a TRUE passion for something can understand easily. but even if you did have a passion for something you could very well be saying, 'but why something so stupid, and unreal?' To us who have taken on this lifestyle, its not nearly as unreal. It's basically our life. And it doesnt feel so good when people dis your lifestyle

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People make these type of movies to entertain people, mostly kids. Movies like "Space Jam" and "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" are the kinds of movies I'm talking about.

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Q: Why do people make live action and animation movies?
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What is a live action movie?

A live action movie is shot using real actors and sets instead of animation and/or computer graphics. Live action movies can contain some elements of CGI and animation

How does animation effect the audience?

Animation allows us to explore worlds that live action movies do not. Movies such as ones with animals can be voiced and turned into cartoons for the entire family to enjoy.

What are live action movies?

Movies with real people in them. Movies that are not animated.

Is Mary Poppins the first movie to combined live action and animation?

'Gertie the Dinosaur' in 1914 was the first film combining live action and animation .

Stop-motion animation created to interact with and exist as a part of a live-action world?

graphics animation

Is Aang going to be the avatar in the live action movies or is it going to be a different avatar?

yep, he will! :) is the live action movie gonna be animated? or are they gonna get real people to do it?

Is lion king a real movie?

Yes but it's animation, not live-action.

What is that old kids movie that is half animation and half live action about a princess?


How does an animation work?

Live Photography and animation basically work the same way. Live action filming takes a series of chronological images of moving objects and plays them back in sequence. Animation does the same thing, except it uses individual, illustrated frames.

What is rotoscoping used for in animation?

Rotoscoping is an animation technique. It is the technique of manually creating a matte for an element on a live-action plate so it may be composited over another background.

Are The Hunger Games movies going to be animated?

No, they will be live-action.

Is there a way to place live action video into flash to add animation?

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