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Some people have pink cheeks because they naturally have a pink color on their cheeks.

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Q: Why do people have pink cheeks?
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What is the definition for pink in her cheeks?

"Pink in her cheeks" means someone has a rosy tint or pinkish color to their cheeks.

Are Pink cheeks normal when you have strep throat?

No. When you get strep throat, you may get red cheeks, or no color cheeks at all, but for the best of my knowledge it wouldn't be normal for someone to get pink cheeks off a strep throat.

What does it means when somebody's cheeks are getting rosy?

When they're feeling embarrassed, the blood rushed to their cheeks and turn them pink. Also, in really cold weather, lighter skin people will have pinker cheeks. I hope this help

What is the temperature needed to make cheeks flush?

If it is hot it dose make your cheeks red or pink!

What is the meaning of pink baby?

Pink baby refers to the process of two black girls pressing the butt cheeks together and a small white penis being shoved in between the cheeks. The black girls have to scream "pink baby!" and then the white man ejaculates all over their cheeks.

What are the Poems on pink color for kindergarten kids?

Pink is favourite colour, like the pink of my cheeks, like the pink of a rose, like pink of my dress, And my pretty pink shoes

What color is a baboon?

i believe that their @$$'$ are pink. just like your cheeks when you and your girl do it. pink

What could it mean when a person has rosy cheeks?

blushed/blushing flustered roseate

What does pink in her cheeks mean?

She has a fever! or could have been eating a fruit that the "statue likes.

Do dinosaur have Cheeks?

Actually, they do. Their cheeks were inside their mouths, so when they opened their mouths you could see a pink thing on the sides of the interior of their mouth. Do you get this? I'm sorry if you don't.

Is it true does the dermis which is highly vascularized accounting for the often pink color in the cheeks true?


What is the name of the girl pudsey?

The bears name is Blush. She is brown with a spotty bow and pink cheeks. :p