Why do men like your boobs?

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2008-12-12 01:45:52

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because its something sexy, big and lickable and guys adore haveing sex

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2008-12-12 01:45:52
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Q: Why do men like your boobs?
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Do men like boobs?


Why do men like more boobs or butt?


What characteristics in a women do men like?

boobs and vagina

Growing breasts for men?

id like to grow boobs

What do men like to do with breasts?

Well, men usually like big boobs. That's why they go to Hooter's.

Why do men like womans breasts?

Men like boobs because they are a distinct part of female anatomy.

Are there any men out there that like smaller breasts?

Hi does men likes smaller boobs? what should a women must do if she has a smaller boobs please answer this question

Do men like to squeeze breasts?

yes but you do not squeeze the boobs you lick them

Why men like breasts and what they want to do with them?

Men like boobs because they were once babies, and odds are that they were breastfed. So it brings back subconscious memories. it is also because men don't have boobs (or shouldn't * shiver*), and the fact that they are forbidden in public.

Why dont men have breasts?

The men don't need them.

Why do women like to have big breasts?

Women want to have big boobs because men want women to have big boobs. It's really that simple. Big boobs are uncomfortable and cumbersome, sometimes even painful. I very much doubt that any woman would choose big boobs over small ones, if it weren't for the fact that men prefer big ones. The real question is, why do MEN like big boobs?

Why is man obsessed about breasts?

Men are obsessed with boobs because theres a little part of the brain that just says BOOOOOOBS! =D Men like boobs couse every set of boobs are different. They like them because they are round and squidy and soft. and ya nipples change

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