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Girls laugh quietly and look at Justin Bieber because his voice hasn't broken yet. Haha!

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Q: Why do girls always laugh quietly and looking at you?
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What do guys do to flirt with girls?

They always make you laugh and want to always be around you

Does Justin Bieber like plus size girls?

I really don't think Justin cares what size girls are, or their apperance. I think that all he is looking for in a girl is someone who can always make him laugh and someone with a great personality.

What kid of girls does Austin mahone like?

I think you meant *kind of girls. He is looking for a girl that can be herself and someone that can make him laugh.

What adverb goes with laugh?

I think it is loudly, quietly but i'm not shore.

If a girl keeps looking and if near me she will laugh at my jokes. Could she like me?

she might like you it depends somethings are just funny to girls and sometimes they laugh cause they like you

What is lol about?

LOL stands for laugh out loud it only comes when people say jocks to make u laugh and have fun my bff always says Lol girls

Why girls lough at boys?

Girls laugh at boys because they find them atractive. Girls laugh at boys because they find them atractive.

How do teenage girls flirt with teenage boys?

Give him lots of compliments! If he tells a joke always laugh and smile a lot!

How do you know if asomeone has a crush on you?

If a guy picks on you all the time or always tries to make you laugh or if they always stare at you my advise girls ignore them and they will want you more.

Does Justin Bieber like girls who laugh a lot?

Yes he does. In many interviews he says " I like girls with a nice smile and can make me laugh" There fore its obvious he likes girls who laugh alot.

Should girls laugh at everything that the guy says that's funny?

You don't have to laugh unless you're feeling it. I.e. if you find it funny, laugh. if you don't then don't. It's better to be honest than always trying to fake interest.

How to do frienship with a girl?

OK first of all girls love to laugh so make them laugh a lot if that doesn't work you could always try being nice to her girls love compliments but if they dated you and you still wanna be friends with her then that's a different story.