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because he ate a frank

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Q: Why do Ralph and piggy decide to attend jacks feast?
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Why do Ralph and piggy decide to attend jack's feast in ch 9?

Ralph and Piggy attend Jack's feast in Chapter 9 because they are hungry and hopeful that they may be able to reason with Jack and his followers. They also see it as an opportunity to try to regain power and influence over the group by presenting a united front.

What two reasons did jack's life look exciting to Ralph's group of boys?

The two reasons of why jacks group is more exciting than Ralph is because jacks tribe hunt and have a feast and have fun.

Who is jacks chief assistant?


What does piggy suggest that Ralph ignores?

He suggests that him and ralph join jacks group.

Who has not joined jacks group yet?


Whose idea is it for Ralph and piggy to join the others jacks group?

Ralph :d

How does Ralph characterize jacks hunters?

As "boys with sticks."

What is Jacks plan to get more of the bigger boys from Ralph's camp?

Jack plans to send his hunters to gradually entice and lure the boys from Ralph's camp by offering them food, protection, and the freedom to hunt without rules or order. He believes that once the boys experience the thrill of hunting and the power that comes with joining his tribe, they will willingly switch allegiance from Ralph to him.

What two of Ralph group leaves to jacks group?


Whose idea is it for Ralph and piggy to join jacks group?

Piggy & Ralph

What does Ralph think caused jacks excitement in lord of the flies?

Ralph believes that Jack saw a ship

How does Ralph learn jacks plan for him?

Samneric tell him while they are on guard at Castle Rock.