Why do Alfonso and Ernie quarrel about Sandra?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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mean fight

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Q: Why do Alfonso and Ernie quarrel about Sandra?
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What are the four conflicts of broken chain by gary soto?

One theme could be to Think before you act because Ernie said that Sandra was one of the girls who stood him up one day, just because Alfonso said that Sandra had 2 ponytails.

Who is the protagonist in broken chain by Gary soto?

The subplot in the story "Broken Chain " is Alfonso and the girl who was Alfonso dating and he didn't have a bike for himself and for Sandra

What characters was in broken chain by Gary Soto?

the resolution is ernie lets alfonso use his bike and alfonso and the girl go on the date

How do Alfonso and Sandra meet in broken chain?


Is the relationship between Ernie and alfonso a subplot in broken chain?


Broken chain by gary soto?

The falling action is when Alfonso breaks his bike chain and has to fight his brother to let him use his bike to go riding with Sandra.

What was the complication of the story broken chain by Gary soto?

In "Broken Chain" by Gary Soto, the main complication arises when the protagonist, Alfonso, breaks his bike chain while on a date with Sandra. This event leads to a series of challenges and misfortunes, including Alfonso's attempt to impress Sandra by fixing the chain and his realization that physical appearances don't define happiness or self-worth.

Who did Ernie go frog hunting with in the story Broken Chain By Gary Soto?

Ernie went frog hunting with his brother Alfonso in the story "Broken Chain" by Gary Soto.

What are the internal conflict of alfonso in broken chain?

In the short story "Broken Chain" by Gary Soto, Alfonso experiences internal conflict related to his self-image and his desire to impress a girl named Sandra. He struggles with feelings of inadequacy due to his missing teeth, which affects his confidence and self-esteem. This conflict drives Alfonso to try to fix his appearance by unsuccessfully attempting to straighten his teeth, ultimately leading to a realization about acceptance and self-worth.

What is the climax to the story broken chain by Gary soto?

The climax of "Broken Chain" by Gary Soto is when Alfonso realizes that his bike chain is broken, preventing him from impressing Sandra by riding his bike. This moment marks a turning point in the story as Alfonso's plan to win Sandra's attention is thwarted, leading to a reflection on his priorities and values.

What is a angry dispute or argument starts with qu?

The word is quarrel.

How do you use the word quarrel?

Quarrel can be used as a noun or a verb: I don't want to quarrel with you. Tim was slightly injured during his quarrel with his neighbor.