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He didn't want to feel bad while making her do work in the feilds.

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Q: Why didn't wang lung want his new bride to be pretty?
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When was Lung Wang born?

Lung Wang was born on January 12, 1913, in China.

When was Lung Wei Wang born?

Lung Wei Wang was born on July 14, 1949, in China.

What did wang lung do to his son?

after they were done eating the meat wang lung beat hs son for stealing the meat?

Why wouldn't Wang Lung eat the meat?

wang lung doesn't eat the meat , because he knows that it is wrong to steal and he will not be apart of it.

What are 10 major events in the Good Earth?

Wang Lung marries O-Lan and starts his farming journey. Wang Lung buys land from the House of Hwang and expands his wealth. Wang Lung's family struggles during a famine, forcing them to move south. O-Lan gives birth to three sons and a daughter. Wang Lung becomes wealthy and corrupted by power and wealth. Wang Lung acquires a concubine, Lotus, leading to family conflict. The family experiences social unrest during revolutions in China. O-Lan passes away, leading to a decline in Wang Lung's health and fortune. Wang Lung faces challenges with his children's relationships and behavior. Wang Lung reconciles with his past and his connection to the land in his old age.

Why does Wang Lung whip his son?

stealing meat while in the south.

Why did Wang Lung at first refuse to move out of his house and into town?


What were wang lung's boys learning to do?

Wang lungs two sons are learning how to steal and beg. their mother (o-lan) is responsible for this.

Is Brittany wang pretty?


What actors and actresses appeared in Shi ba wang gong - 1980?

The cast of Shi ba wang gong - 1980 includes: Yu Chiang Lung Chin Wei Lung Yang Tan Ming Tien

What is the resolution of The Good Earth?

Wang Lung's old age, his son's selling his land.

How did wang lung and Olan get the money to go south?

they sold their furniture like a boss